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"Educating the Family and Community
 to Reclaim Its Healing Power"


To provide health care through basic and informal education on food, nutrition, culture and their impact on health and wellness to Black African/African-American communities.


We are a non-profit organization and an association of concerned African American Citizens in Colorado promoting education, information, workshops and in-service learning to address the disturbing and debilitating health of African Americans within the Denver inner city communities.  The poor state of health covers obesity, overweight, asthma, stroke, liver cancer, mood swings and attention disorders amongst the children.  Most of these problems for our basic survey point cause to lifestyle behavior -- poor food and nutrition disposition.  To this we have started to promote education in our communities on healthier food behavior.

It is a known fact that members of the underrepresented Black African American and Black Latino African familes and communities suffer at disturbing higher rate, 20%, than the United States' norm of such debiliating health issues as:

  • Diabetes and asthma
  • Hypertension and stroke
  • Cancers, obesity
  • Depression, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Attention disorders amongst the children

Most of these health problems, from our basic surveys, point to lifestyle behaviors...poor food and nutrition disposition and stress.  To address this cause Sankofa promotes education in Black African American communities on healthier food behaviors and stress management.

Sankofa Wholistic Health Care is a non-profit 501(C) (3) organization and an association of concerned African Americans which has been providing on-going informal education since 2006 by way of:

  • Monthly nutrition and helathy lifestyle workshops
  • Newsletters
  • Information sessions on Wholistic and Alternative Modalities
  • Wellness and Health Fair Conferences
  • Public Speaking by way of a Speaker's Bureau

Sankofa promotes education, information, workshops, and in-service learning, primarily to Black African/Black African American/Black African Latino communities within the Denver inner city communities.  These individuals suffer from many serious ailments which can be attributed to lifestyle behaviors and poor food/nutrition choices.  Sankofa provides education on heatlhier food options and stress management behaviors in these communities.

We are now in a critical point in which the education of health concerns and diseases afflicting African-Americans needs to be broaden and intensified.  New statistics show a sharp rise, upward of 20%, the occurrence of these health issues.  It is imperative that the messages of health education gets to the populus!  To make this happen, we need your financial help.

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